Friday, February 16, 2018


is slowly getting back to normal, we came home to a beautifully clean home (many thanks Robyn and Dennis) and a very happy chowdy dog
as you can see the Supervisor is relaxing after his morning walk!!

Yesterday I did a little more  on the Christmas quilt, I hope to get back to that today

this is my progress with Doing the Rounds, all sewn down, the poor hexies looked a bit worse for wear after I had wrestled them off their card!! But they have ironed up and sewed down ok. Now to start fussy cutting the next lot of hexies.
I had a brain buster this morning and decided I needed somewhere to keep the little hexie bits once I had them cut, so I combined bits of idea I had seen around
two quilted and lined pieces of fabric that I had been going to make into a zipper pouch were zig zagged together and left over binding reironed and folded to cover the join.

zip lock bags placed along the centre, stick down with double sided tape...they are slippery little customers!!

another repurposed binding bit sewn down on the inside centre to hold everything in place
and binding sewn on..all ready to hand sew later.  it is a bit floppy but will do the job I need it to do so I am pretty happy with it.
While in NZ we met Mum while she was on an outing with some of the residents from the home, a cruise ship was in over at the Mount wharf, the idea was to have a fish and chips dinner and watch the ship leave at 6pm
serious business this fish and chips!!

Not the most flattering shot of Mum...the wind got up and the oldies got cold so they went back home, we found out later the ship didn't leave until 6.45, a bit late for everyone! One of the ladies, Willa, got into trouble for feeding the seagulls, she thought it was a great thing to do, but one of the carers discouraged her (many times) saying last time she did that several oldies went home with sea gull poop in their hair!!
Mount Maunganui from a different vantage point, there is a big cruise ship at the wharf but it is a bit hard to see.
I had a good find at the local supermarket

bags to put your fruit and veg in. Itried them out this week and apart from having to have them open so the check out person can see what is in them, they work really well and no plastic bags needed! 
I am off to do some more sewing and cutting.
Happy day.

PS. Just laid out and counted circles finished, total = 169!!
Pretty happy with that!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

We are done

The house in Tauranga is as clean as it is going to get and so it is now in the hands of a repair man for a few days and then the estate agent. Here is hoping for a quick sale!! Not much sewing has been happening as by the time I have been sitting down I am too tired to do much, but a few more circles have been done
A few more to add to the collection
Saturday we drove over to Tirau to have lunch with the lovely Julie, we met at a cafe there, had lunch and a big chat and put the world to rights!! Thank you Julie for driving over to meet up with us, it was wonderful to catch up again. Julie also agreed to take some of my Mums crystal and doilies, so I packed up a box and now the bits have a new home. It is so nice to know those things will be enjoyed and not just taken to the op shop.

Hubby and a wall hanging I liked.

On Sunday, it rained all the way to Auckland seeing the green countryside though

Jenny has two swan plants outside the dining room, and there are the caterpillars of the monarch butterfly on them, this one in the photo has been eating non stop since we got here. They are so interesting to watch, and grow so fast....I am sure these plants will have no leaves before too long.
It is time to turn in now....hopfully tomorrow I will get to sit and sew.
Happy stitching.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Kia Ora

Here we are back in the land of the Long White Cloud.  We checked in at the airport yesterday, to be told we had been upgraded to Business Class!!! We were fl u ing Emirates and on the airbus 380, talk about being in the lap of luxury!! We had one of those little cocoon type seats that went down flat, so hubby slept and I sat and stitched. It will be very hard to go back to our usual seating for the trip home!!
So yesterday on the plane and at Jennys place I managed to get 24 circles finished.
Today we are off to Tauranga, more house sorting and cleaning to be done.
Happy stitching.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

FNWF results

I was happy to achieve what I wanted to do last night, many circles glued into place and ready to applique
All ready for the next time I get to sit and sew.

Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting FNWF, if you pop over to Gone Stitching you can see what the other Friday Nighters got up to.
Happy stitching.

Friday, February 2, 2018


Tonight is Friday Night with Friends, where we have a virtual sit and sew with like minded friends hosted by the lovely Cheryll...who even though she is off on the high seas I am sure will be with us in spirit.
tonight I am planning to work on more circles to take with us to NZ.
this little lot need to be gathered and ironed and given a touch of glue to hold them onto the squares.
You can join in with FNWF by signing up over at Gone Stitching.
I went for a walk this morning after some motivation from Chooky
I walked down along the beach, along the opposite from usual on Swan Bay, found a geocache, but could not sign the log as I had forgotten to take a pen! 
I spied this pelican statue in a garden on my way back home

and this beautiful gum flower

and a visiting bee

and some beautiful parrots in the big gum tree next door...zoom lens and looking up = shaky photo!!

and guess who was waiting for me when I got home! (But once again did not want his photo taken!!)
I had better go and finish my chores and then I might start sewing early.
Happy FNWF.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy day

I wrote myself a list this morning, of things I needed/wanted to do, and I am pleased to say it is all done, well if you can swap vacuuming for dusting, then it is done!! Might move the dust about tomorrow.
I have finished the sewing on the clamshells...yay!!! Now it is ready to get a backing sorted.
I had found several places where I must have snipped the applique thread on the clamshells while I was removing the gathering thread, hopefully they are all repaired now.

I made the teeny tiny hexies for the centre of Doing the Rounds, now I need to figure out how to get the card out of the fabric!

I have two of the shapes appliqued down so far

another heap of circles have been prepared ready to applique.
I have also done lots of washing today, is the perfect drying day, warm sunny and breezy, also cut the deadheads off the agapanthus plants...all in all a good day.
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A beginning

I have been tracing cutting and ironing this morning,
this fussy cutting is a challenge! More of a challenge for me this morning was to remember I needed to add the quarter of an inch sewing allowance as I was cutting!! Lucky there was a little extra fabric!

Progress as at lunch time and only a couple of scorched finger tips!! Pretty happy with what I have done so will notice there are no tiny hexies just yet!! :-)
Yesterday was sit and sew at the Bellarine Quilters, show and tell was interesting
Jill has finished this beautiful quilt, all sewn by hand, the quilting done by a local quilter.

Lorraine turned a doona cover into a more interesting doona cover by adding the applique..isn't that a clever idea.
I am off to Gisborne this afternoon, so had better make a move and get ready.
Happy sewing.