Sunday, December 10, 2017

This morning

I spent a very happy hour on the front deck this morning watching many motorbikes go by. It was the annual Santa bike run and there were all kinds of bikes from old Indians to Harleys to three wheelers to Vespas. Many of the bikes were decorated with tinsel and had Santa toys attached somewhere.

  Some riders had Santaheads fitted over their helmets. One Harley three wheeler had a trailor behind with Santa in his sleigh and the reindeer. Was a very happy morning. 😆
This afternoon I have been quilting away on the Aussie Hero quilt
All the plain strips now have some kind of quilting on them

And I have been free range quilting around the corn stalks.
Now I need to finish off all the endy bits while watching George Gently.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

FNWF results

Last night was the last FNWF for 2017. Many thanks to Cheryll for being a wonderful host.

I cut out some little stitcheries, their wadding and backing
some more circles are ready to be pinned in place

the binding is finished on one quilt, the other ready to go.

This morning I made some almond and walnut biscuits

some are a little over cooked but still taste good!
Yesterday I went to see the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin
I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was not what I was expecting, but a great movie all the same, gave me much food for thought.
I am off to do a little sewing before heading our for a BBQ lunch.
Happy sewing.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cutting and pinning

Today I have trimmed the two quilts for others and cut the binding, they are all ready to go
the Aussie hero quilt has been sandwiched and is ready to be quilted
I have a date with the sewing machine this afternoon!
Yesterday the St Leonards sewing group went out for our Christmas lunch, we went to Basils Farm, which is on the road to Queenscliff. They have amazing vege gardens and fruit trees here
this is the view from the vege gardens to Swan Bay

Happy quilters
Wendys lunch

my lunch, We had a great lunch with  lots of laughter and chatting.
I had better go find that sewing machine.
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stitching away

Yesterday I signed up to do another Aussie hero quilt, the request was for deer hunting, German wire haired pointers and the roman numeral 3. This is how far I got yesterday
lots to do but off to a good start, I found the deer panel last time I was in NZ. The dog pictures are courtesy of Mr Google.

I can not remember where I found this fabric but had it earmarked for a zipper pouch, the front and back are quilted, ready to go.

Last year I watched a lot of people participating in the 365 Days of Circles, where you were to do one circle a day...I resisted until now when I found a pack 5 inch of batiks and thought well why not. I am not going to be strict about doing one a day, but it will be another hand stitching project.I will work on it when I feel like it.
I have also signed up for a BOM for next year over at Shiralee Stitches. I have had this pattern, a first by Susan at Thimble Stitch. I have  had the pattern for several months now, so have decided a BOM will motivate me to actually make it! That is the theory anyhow!!
Happy stitching.

Monday, December 4, 2017


is here too soon!! Today was the first Christmas gathering, it was with the Bellarine Quilters. We had a great lunch at the Port Arlington pub. But first we met at the community centre and had show and tell of Christmas things people had made, I got photos of a few
Margaret made this amazing Father Christmas, the bead work is beautiful.

This wall hanging was made to keep cross stitch pieces that came in cards to one of the ladies, she didn't want to throw them out and one the back are cross stitches from birthday cards. Lovely way to keep memories.

Carlene makes these fairy jars with her grand daughters. They could have a Santa silhouette and red background for Christmas. 

Lovely stockings and containers.
We had our Christmas block swap today
the choosing has started, I got into trouble for not taking the block on the top...woops!! I liked the colours in the second one down!

Walking around the table and taking one block from each pile with Kath.

and this is what I came home with, the challenge now is to make it into a quilt! Great collection isn't it?
After the swap we headed off to the pub
here we all are

the meals arrived

We had a great outing today.
I have just realised the time, so I had better get some dinner sorted, hubby will fade away...well no probably not as he has just found the salt and vinegar chips!!
Happy stitching.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sandwich time

I decided the other day it was time to get some quilt tops sandwiched....they delay for me is always putting the backing together...but yesterday I got sorted and now two tops that have been waiting around are ready to be quilted.

not sure how to quilt this one but something will come to mind no doubt!

This one will be plain quilting in bright thread I am thinking, it is flannel so might need to put on a cotton fabric binding, which I hope will be stronger. Any thoughts? 
These two quilts will both go to the Bellarine Quilting group to add to their Quilts for others collection.

The last two evenings, as it has been a little cooler, I have sewn the binding on this quilt, a little one I collected at Guild, that will go to the Childrens Hospital

and this one is part way through.
On Friday the hubby and I went into Geelong to the Art Gallery to have a look at the Archibald Prize paintings on display

this one appealed to me, I liked all the layers and textures

this one I saw on Anh Do's TV programme and didn't realise there are moths and bugs incorporated in the painting, there is information about the painting here.  It was very moving watching the painting evolve and hear Jack Charles talk about his life.

I liked this one for the serenity in this ladies face, I can not remember her age but she is over 100 yrs.
I am off to sit at the machine now and get quilting.
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A finish and happy smile

This afternoon I sat back at the machine and finished the New York Trellis quilt top
Tomorrow I will trim off the spare triangle bits, my challenge will be to get it straight!!
I am also joining up with Anthea over at Hibiscus stitches where we are sharing all things EPP. 

My little contribution this time.
Happy stitching.